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Wire storage cages — an important component of a storage system

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Industrial products can not only be square, a variety of shapes or a variety of small items in the storage and use of time can also be converted into a way, placed in the storage cage, not only suitable for the factory’s product classification, but also suitable for major hardware warehouses, shopping malls, the scope of application is extremely wide.

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The storage cage needs to be strong and reliable, it is certainly indispensable to high-quality welding process, the key points are welded up, the bottom of the storage cage made of high-quality welding is reinforced by U-shaped welding, the strength is higher, the loading capacity is more powerful, the durability is admirable, the four-layer stack of high use is not afraid, and the sense of ingenuity is also quite amazing!

Humanized design of U-shaped buckles and door bolts are the use of precision fixture positioning welding, can be safely sealed and fixed, not afraid of items touched out of the cage, and after precision processing of the U-shaped buckle to bring a full sense of security, in the storage cage to install a small roller, push the wire mesh storage cage everywhere is okay, shipping more convenient and more effortless!

It can be freely retracted and folded, can be folded storage, placed in the corner when not in use, reducing the occupied area of the warehouse, full of energy when in use, silent when not in use, more flexible than wooden boxes and plastic storage boxes.

A spiral hinge is designed at the mesh junction of the storage cage, which is more flexible when disassembling and disassembling, not easy to get stuck, and more comfortable to use. The storage cage can be stacked storage, when the warehouse shelf is not enough, with it can also be solved, stacked on each other four layers of height enough to store items and the middle can be opened to take out the goods, not only convenient and fast, but also very intimate.

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In addition to the use of various reinforcement processes, in fact, the most basic thing is that it has a high-quality selection of materials: high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets shine brightly. As we all know, cold-rolled steel is mostly used in large machinery, and is praised for its bright and smooth surface and tough and strong characteristics, and its wear resistance and quality are leveraged. The material of cold-rolled steel is selected to make a storage cage in order to achieve better storage effect and stronger load-bearing capacity.

Post time: Jun-27-2022