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The use of wire mesh container

A folded storage cage is operated easily.
The process is: people stand on one side of the storage cage, first erect the front mesh, and then erect the side mesh and the rear mesh that are connected together. Insert the two side meshes into the base of the warehouse cage inversely, pay attention to the connection with the front mesh at the same time, and finally insert the door bolt of the front mesh into the side mesh.

The unfolded warehouse cage should be flat and symmetrical at the four corners. If it is found to be uneven, do not use it. It is necessary to check whether the mesh and door bolts are inserted in place. Otherwise, careless use will lead to accidents.

Items can be placed directly in the warehouse cage, but when the shape of the warehouse cage is certain, the size and weight of the stored items determine the specifications of the warehouse cage recommended to users.

Some objects that cannot be bruised or the surface is easily scratched can be stored in a warehouse cage, but a board like cardboard must be added to the inner wall of the warehouse cage to protect the objects from damage.

When placing items in the warehouse mesh container, considering the size of the cage feet above when stacking, the best height for storing items should be 3cm lower than the edge of the warehouse basket. It is strictly forbidden to store items higher than the edge of the warehouse cage, otherwise the forklift will damaged the items in the warehouse cage.


Post time: Jun-13-2022