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Solid wire mesh storage container production process

Wire mesh storage container is durable, convenient for transportation, can be reused and effectively reduce the labor consumption and packaging costs of warehousing enterprises. This storage cage can be used not only in factory production workshops, but also in supermarkets as a display promotion and storage, and can be used outdoors. Improved cages can be placed on shelves, line lines or stacked: cages with wheels can be easily and quickly turned around on the workshop, and cages with hollow or iron plates prevent small pieces from missing.


There are three kinds of storage cages commonly used: one is a storage cage with wheels for turnover, the second is that the storage cages stackable and put on the shelf, and the third is that the storage cages with wheels and feet with both function. The common standard specifications of the storage cage is: 1000 * 800 * 850mm, other specifications can be customized.


The main components of the cage are manufactured in mesh pieces and chassis.
The mesh is made of raw material Q235 or Q195 high speed wire by drawing the wire into a thin wire with a diameter of 5.8mm or more than 6.2mm, and then cut into various lengths, and after the welding machine touches the net, it is manufactured into a semi-finished mesh. The mesh pieces are rustproof galvanized. Wire diameter is an important parameter for bearing.
The chassis is processed by a bending machine from raw material plates, and the plates are commonly used in 1.8mm and 2.5mm, and then cut and manually welded into channel steel. Chassis placing is an important parameter of the load.
There are 2 kinds of bottom mesh and bottom channel steel welding, one is manual welding, which cannot be guaranteed to be welded on each contact point; The other is the full welding technology used by Jiangxi solid metal products Co., ltd, where each contact point of the channel steel and mesh passes through the machine welding machine for a stronger bearing capacity.
Finally, the mesh and chassis are assembled by means of springs and buckle.

Post time: Jul-20-2022