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Analysis of the development prospect of wire mesh cages

As one of the most basic warehousing equipment in logistics, wire mesh cages were widely applied in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics centers, tobacco, medicine, commerce, electromechanics, and so on. As one of the most critical storage devices, the wire mesh cages have the role of inheriting and unifying. On the one hand, it can make full use of the warehouse space and reduce storage costs; on the other hand, through reasonable layout, it can effectively save human resources in access operations. It can say that it is an essential part of a modern warehouse and a necessary part of a modern logistics center and distribution center. In 2014, the development prospect of the wire mesh cages market was good. From the relevant data on the past market and user needs, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1.The development of the e-commerce industry has driven the wire mesh cages industry
The network platform increases the sales channels of traditional industries, which affects the sales status of wire mesh cages. Through various platforms, users in different regions can see the products of the wire mesh cage company. Although there are still certain restrictions on the sales of the wire mesh cage industry, for home use, kitchen use, study use, storeroom use, cafeteria use, and other places, as long as light wire mesh cages are used, space utilization can be improved. These light wire mesh cages can be sold very well online. Low cost, easy installation, and easy transportation are the advantages of this light storage cage.

2.Expensive land prices promote the development of upper space
Factory workshops and warehouses are the main supply objects of wire mesh cages. However, the cost of expanding the plant is too large, so many companies want to make good use of the only warehouse area to maximize the utilization of the warehouse. HuaDe recommends heavy wire mesh cages, which can increase the utilization rate of the warehouse by more than 50%.


3.Reasonable warehouse layout and automated storage system
The modern warehouse system has become an important control center in the logistics and supply chain system. Advanced infrastructure is the basis for modernizing storage, such as three-dimensional warehouses, wire mesh cages that can store various goods, supporting products for wire mesh cages including shuttle car racking systems, automatic loading of goods, temperature control, spraying, monitoring Assembly and so on. Through the reasonable application of modern information technology, we can effectively organize and dispatch materials from storage to storage, storage to transportation, storage and other activities, so as to operate more efficiently and obtain considerable economic benefits.

Through the understanding and in-depth research on the wire mesh cage industry, Yingteng Technology company has made great progress in recent years. At the same time, we must see that there is still a lot of room for the development of wire mesh cages. The upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry also have a profound impact on the wire mesh cage industry.


Post time: Apr-14-2022