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Metal Stillages Pallet Basket Container

Short Description:

Foldable angle iron cage.With high strength and durability here comes classic metal stillages. These will provide long-lasting service to your warehouse.

  • Model No.: GJ-T7
  • Exterior Dimension: 1100L×1150W×1100H mm
  • Loading Capacity: 1000 kg
  • Grid Size: 50×50 mm
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    Product description

    Metal Stillages Pallet Basket Container is a cargo storage and turnover tool.Get phenomenal quality stillage cage in amazing deals and offers. Stillages have always been a classic method of storage for warehouse and storage industries. It supports a wide range of containers and offers efficient storage of goods.it can also be called metal mesh embryo cage, folding iron cage storage cage,butterfly cage.
    One of the most amazing things is that now you can easily buy stillage container online. We have an exclusive range of containers and cages that you will definitely admire. From the variety of stillage containers available you are sure to find the kind that satisfies your requirements.
    These cages are durable, long-lasting and come with an amazing list of features. Hence, without wasting any further hurry up and buy stillage container today. If you have any doubts about choosing the perfect container.


    Product advantages

    Storage cage details:
    1. It is made of high-quality steel and welded by cold rolling and hardening, with high strength and large loading capacity.
    2. The specifications are unified, the capacity is fixed, the stored goods are clear at a glance, and the inventory is easy to check.
    3. The surface is galvanized, beautiful and anti-oxidation, and has a long service life.
    4. Adopting international standards, it can be used with containers to effectively improve space utilization.
    5. It can be stacked four layers high to realize three-dimensional storage.
    6. Surface environmental protection treatment, sanitation immunity, turnover, storage and recycling will not pollute the environment.
    7. Cooperate with forklifts, ground cattle, elevators, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.
    8. Folding structure, low recycling cost, is an alternative to wooden boxes.
    9. Wheels can be installed at the bottom, and the internal turnover of the factory is extremely convenient.

    Product application

    ★ For PET Preform Industry
    ★ For Warehouse Storage
    ★ For Mass Retail Industry
    ★ For Logistics Industry
    ★ For Auto Industry


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