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Collapsible Wire Mesh Container

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Wire mesh container is the perfect solution for your warehouse. It also know as foldable metal storage cage , butterfly cage, storage cage, high-quality steel hardened by the cold welded, high strength, load capacity, rugged, and convenient transportation, can re-use, reduce the storage and packaging enterprise human consumption costs. Not only for plant production workshop, warehouse and transportation turnover, can also be used as a display of supermarket sales and warehousing.This range offers a wide variety of options for storage containers and cages. If you are looking for a light-duty container you have got it, if you are looking for a heavy-duty container, then F-series have that for you as well.

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Product description

There also is a range of open mesh and ventilation type cages in these containers. Hence,Wire mesh storage container truly is an amazing choice for your warehouse or industry. So, get the most suitable container today.


Product details

A perfect wire mesh container which you can collapse together when not in use. This will save a lot of space.
Model No.:W-1
Exterior Dimension:1030L×840W×850H mm
Wire Guage:6 mm
Loading Capacity:1300 kg
1. It is made of high quality steel materials and formed by cold harden welding. It has big strength, good load capability and four folded layers.
2. Folding structure makes loading, revolving and storing much convenient. It can be accumulated to save space when it is not used.
3. The surface is zinc plated, so it is beautiful and durable.
4. It is in accordance with international standards, and can be used with containers. It’s also the replacement of wooden cases.

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Product Description

Model No. Wire Diameter Grid Size Net Weight Loading Capacity Outer Dimensions Inner Dimensions
A-1 6.0mm 50*50mm 28kg 700kg 800*600*640mm 750*570*500mm
A-2 50*100mm 26kg 500kg
B-1 6.0mm 50*50mm 44kg 1200kg
B-2 50*100mm 39kg 800kg
B-3 100*100mm 33kg 600kg
B-4 6.4mm 50*50mm 50kg 1500kg 1000*800*840mm 950*770*700mm
B-5 50*100mm 44kg 1000kg
B-6 5.0mm 50*50mm 37kg 600kg
B-7 50*100mm 31kg 400kg
B-8 100*100mm 28kg 300kg
C-1 6.0mm 50*50mm 59kg 1500kg
C-2 50*100mm 52kg 1000kg
C-3 100*100mm 42kg 1000kg
C-4 6.4mm 50*50mm 67kg 2000kg 1200*1000*890mm 1150*970*750mm
C-5 50*100mm 59kg 1200kg
06 5.0mm 50*50mm 46kg 1000kg
C-7 50*100mm 41kg 800kg
C-8 100*100mm 36kg 600kg
D-1 6.0mm 50*50mm 24kg 600kg 800*500*540mm 750*470*400mm
D-2 50*100mm 23kg 400kg
E-1 5.0mm 50*50mm 78kg 1800kg 1550*1120*990mm 1500*1090*850mm
E-2 50*100mm 67kg 1500kg
Description Galvanized, Different specifications can be customized according to your needs

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